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Your framework to connect.
Connect to what? Well, ...

git clone
    make -C heptaconnect-playground
Getting Started


Setup, control and monitor HEPTAconnect instances.


Introduce HEPTAconnect into your project to connect it with the world.

Portal developer

Create a HEPTAconnect portal for your API and extend existing portals


Learn more about the internals or lookup technical details.

Latest news

Exception and log messages in action

First-responders looking into logging facilities will love these

Joshua Behrens on 2022-05-17


Fast file transfers, storage stability, configuration by environment variables, improved API design

Joshua Behrens on 2022-04-26

Documentation at source code level

Providing documentation on a point that is quickly reached

Joshua Behrens on 2022-04-19

Changelogs for safer and understandable updating

Updating your project would be a mess without proper changelogs

Joshua Behrens on 2022-01-11